Lalo: Concerto in D Minor

Lalo: Concerto in D Minor; orch. accpt. red. for 3 celli; 4th cello plays solo (not incl.)
Lalo ConcertoLalo Concerto

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Lalo Concerto

Lalo Concerto

Notes and Comments

Notes and comments



4 Celli.  The entire orchestral accompaniment is arranged for 3 celli. All three parts include material that is intermediate to difficult.  Score and 3 parts; solo part is not included.

This is a downloadable arrangement. Buy it now and you can download the PDF directly to your computer. To receive printed folio copies (extra charge for postage), ask for them in the comments section of the order.

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Édouard Lalo wrote his Cello Concerto in D minor in 1876, in collaboration with Parisian cellist Adolphe Fischer. The work was premiered the following year at the Cirque d'Hiver with Fischer as soloist.

The concerto is written in three movements:
1. Prelude, lento - Allegro maestoso
The first movement opens lento, then moves into an allegro maestoso, which continues throughout the rest of the movement. The opening has several measures of orchestral music before the solo cello enters. The same opening phrase is repeated several times throughout the movement, though starting on different notes.

2. Intermezzo, andantino con moto - Allegro presto - Andantino - Tempo I
This movement starts with a slow andantino section, then progresses into a lively allegro presto. The music returns to the andantino tempo. Before the end of the second movement, the allegro presto returns. The solo cello ends on pizzicato chords with the orchestra.

3. Introduction, andante - Allegro vivace
The solo cello opens with a slow andante; the orchestra joins in and then takes over. The music becomes a lively rondo marked allegro vivace, the cello solo returning with a forceful entry into the rondo theme. The rest of the movement continues at allegro vivace tempo.