Bach: 2 Fugues, for 4 Celli

Bach: 2 Fugues - "Little" in G minor (BWV 578) and "Gigue" in G major (BWV 577)
Bach: 2 Fugues, for 4 CelliBach: 2 Fugues, for 4 Celli
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Bach Fugue in G Minor

Complete Set

Bach Fugue in G Major

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Modern Edition, score and parts

Romberg 3 - Modern Edition, score & parts

4 Celli.  “Little” Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578 and “Gigue” Fugue in G Major, BWV 577. Especially effective for cello orchestra, works for quartet as well. All parts in bass clef, upper ones are in and occasionally above fourth position. Intermediate diffculty. Score and 4 parts. Recorded excerpt is of student cello orchestra playing part of the G Minor Fugue.

{audio}Bach Little Fugues|C-3_Bach_Little_Fugues.mp3{/audio}

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