Warlock: Capriol Suite, for 4 Celli

Warlock: Capriol Suite
Warlock: Capriol Suite, for 4 CelliWarlock: Capriol Suite, for 4 Celli
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Warlock Capriol Suite

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Notes & Comments

4 Celli.  This was originally for string orchestra; it includes 6 short movements imitating Renaissance style but with modern harmonies. This revised arrangement put the high difficult lines in cello 1 and cello 2 while less difficult, bass clef material in cello 3 and cello 4.

This arrangement has been played all over the world; there is a YouTube video of the German Mercano's Venezuelan quartet.

Recording is of first movement, Basse-Danse {audio}Warlock Capriol|C-16_Warlock.mp3{/audio}

This is a downloadable arrangement. Buy it now and you can download the PDF directly to your computer. To receive printed folio copies (extra charge for postage), ask for them in the comments section of the order.