2 Songs for 5 Celli by Faure & Mahler

2 Songs for 5 Celli by Faure & Mahler
2 Songs for 5 Celli by Faure & Mahler2 Songs for 5 Celli by Faure & Mahler
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Faure Le Secret

Complete Set

Mahler Liebst du

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Notes & Comments

5 Celli.  Faure, Le Secret and Mahler, Liebst du um Schonheit, from Ruckert Lieder. Faure is difficult vocal line with mostly easy chordal accompaniment. Mahler is difficult in the top 3 lines that go up into tenor and treble clef, while the lower 2 remain in bass clef. Score and 5 parts.

Recording is a student quintet playing the Mahler. {audio}Mahler|D-3_2_Songs_Mahler.mp3{/audio}

This is a downloadable arrangement. Buy it now and you can download the PDF directly to your computer. To receive printed folio copies (extra charge for postage), ask for them in the comments section of the order.

Rare 18th and 19th Century Chamber Music including the Cello

In the late 1970s I acquired two bound volumes of duos for violin and cello. As a cellist, I was attracted to them since they were “duos concertante”, with the cello part equal to the violin part. There were 58 duos, with all the violin parts bound in one volume, and all the cello parts in the other.

I am offering many (but not all) of these duos in both facsimiles of the original (no scores were printed) and new performing editions by myself with scores and parts done on Finale. These editions will attempt to correct errors, resolve inconsistencies in dynamics, articulations, bowings, etc. However I will not supply such markings where there is no reason to do so, leaving that to the whim of the performers.